Into the Dark
July 22nd, 2014

Four Days in Norway

Red barns and yellow farm houses against lush green fields, alpine mountains, a glacier, snow melt streaming down the face of a rock wall, uncharacteristically warm temperatures, joyriding on a gator, a river for afternoon dips, a mountain hike, skinny dipping in a lake, a supermoon nestled in between two mountains, its yellow light reflected on the water, barbecued trout, strawberries and vanilla sauce, local dry sausage and hard brod, salt licorice, four days learning songs and tunes with 11 incredible musicians from England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway and the USA, more tunes and songs until dawn in a place that never gets completely dark and the village of cowboys in campers that appeared down the hill for the Norsk CountryTreff.

This place, Breim, took my breath away every time I

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Four Days in Norway

& the dance cards
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